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News World news Islamic State (Isis) World leaders vow to do 'whatever necessary' to defeat Isis jihadis

However, Hammond said the UK was not ruling out the option of strikes against Isis in Syria.

It is not the business nor the right of any of our western countries to enter or start any military action in Syria with the pretext of fighting terrorism. By doing this regardless of the justification we are openly by definition engaging in a war in (thought maybe not with) this country and in this case it will be without the permission of the Syrian government. Assad’s regime has stated any military action by US will be taken as an act of war. Again I would like to state that by oxford dictionary definition war can mean A sustained campaign against an undesirable situation or activity”. On a last note I would like to say there is a blatant hypocrisy where suddenly we are to be outraged at beheading of Americans and those of the UK, but apathetic to the beheading of Syrian people

So are we or arn’t we in another bloody war.

Right; one minute we are going to help America to send in air force airstrike ISIS or ISIL, and Obama is pushing for military action in Syria (which can start a war), but we’re not in a war again. How does make sense? One day we are going to help with the war on terror and the next we’re just “Dislodging” ISIS.

Tony Abbott says Australian forces’ aim is to ‘dislodge’ Isis from Iraq

Okay yes, we’re working with Iraq, but really if one looks up the definition of war it literately means: A state of armed conflict between different countries or different groups within a country. or A sustained campaign against an undesirable situation or activity.

So knowing this what are we doing then? Lets look at the situation, ISIS is armed and Australia and America are armed and ready to fight. So A state of armed conflict, check. America is a Country Australia is a country Iraq is a country and ISIS is a group WITHIN Iraq. So that means, between different countries or different groups within a country, check. So ISIS is a terrorist organization and we are at war with terrorism, terrorism is an act, so that means, a sustained campaign against an undesirable situation or activity, check. I’ll ask again are we at war by definition regardless of Iraq’s permission? My answer is yes, we are at war.

SyrianGirl debates FSA on Australian show 'Insight'

Yes this is two years ago, however it is relevant. We can’t just go in stopping boots to the head of the Assad regime because what is to replace him is far worse. It’s a case of a lesser of two evils in a world that needs to understand the areas of grey again in politics. I am by all definition a new comer to any sort of politics, however I have enough sense to understand that the world is far more complicated than topple all the ‘dictators’ because we’re right. Democracy by gunpoint which is really democratic-fascism, is an absolute oxymoron.

9/11/14 today in Australia and a day before the memorial of 9/11 in America

I write this today as an early reminder of the great 9/11 tragedy that struck the American world trade center. The whole western world stopped in shock as they heard the news of the twin towers falling, the horror of thousands of people dieing, however this was nothing compared to the horror of millions that were to die in its consequential aftermath. This aftermath was a pretext for an on going war in the middle east, that would, and still does destabilize the whole region. Yes there were already factors that had the middle east on uneasy grounds, but this “war on terror” would be the greatest terror the people there would currently face.Remembering the information correctly, was it not mainly Saudi Arabian men and others from other middle eastern countries that committed this atrocity? However the response to this was to launch Operation Enduring Freedom to oust the Taliban from Afghanistan and the War on Terror that lead to invasions of Iraq which was Saudi Arabia’s enemy. Lest not forget that the Taliban was a CIA/US creation (more here if you dont believe info wars) (here as well). So its highly ironic that the US created the Taliban then to fight it later, or if your not stupid, its damn convenient for them to be around in Afghanistan so Operation Enduring Freedom can take place. Not the mention its connection with another CIA creation Al-Qaeda which the Al-Qaeda terrorists were used in justifying the invasion of other countries.

Am I angry am I bias right now? Yes I am because this event didn’t just effect millions in the Middle East, but in the world as well. I’m angry thousands died and now millions more, I’m angry this “War on Terror” spread from taking freedoms and causing fears in America to my own country as well. I’m angry that its obvious and I mean damn oblivious ISIS or ISIL or the Islamic state whatever they want to call it, is allowed to run around as they please right now. The boarders in American are wide open for ISIS to just run across.

What boils my blood is that Australians will sometimes say “why should we care?” The reason we should care is that this affects us too as a country, we followed America into the War on Terror, right now Tony Abbott and George Brandis are talking about Data Retention laws and Anti-terrorism laws on the basis of fighting terrorism. Our prime minister is ready to help America invade the Middle East all over again. I had a gut feeling something more was going to happen when I wrote about this months ago in June and posted a link to a guardian article. There are currently 11 planes missing as well right now, not to mention the talk and rumors of other another 9/11 scenario that could happen soon.

Is this reaching you? Do you get it? The reason we need to care is because if another similar incident happens, we as a country, are going to be dragged into the fray right next to America, and they will try to take our freedoms just like they did with the patriot act and the war on drugs in America. I know I have barley touched on the other issues caused by 9/11 the other connections to relations between Saudi Arabia and the other countries that were invaded. I give full condolences to the families and men and women who lost their lives that day and I am not trying to use their deaths to push any personal agenda. The biggest reason I write this article is to ask my fellow Australians, if another event like this happens after everything we know now are you going to just follow along with this again, will you at least write something or pay attention. Will you understand and know what it means if this happens again?

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Don’t worry I’m sure its just fake, go get your flu shot so you can feel better (not).

Court dismisses second appeal against human gene patenting

Not up for debate I dont care if you found the gene it does not and will never belong to you. I am not cattle, I am a human being and my body is my property and my property alone. No you may not have it, I did not give you permission. This is the issue if you dont say no to gene companies they assume a silence is yes well today I refute that, speak it aloud or write it down everyone. Your not someones property, except your own. No body may own you, nor your time, nor your talents, nor your mind, we are sovereign not slaves and only you may willingly give these things to others. look up the basic philosophy of liberty and find out for your self for freedom means to you. 

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10 More Conspiracy Theories That Came True

seriously look they actually have the documents.

10 Conspiracy Theories That Came True

Yes it is true you have fringe nut jobs who will make wild claims but, there is time when these so called conspiracy theories might actually be the truth all along. Have a look and see for yourself.

FBI Ordered Police Department to Conceal Stingray Use

but it for your safety right?